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Nightmare started .. ~ o.O''

Ahh.. .. many people ask me , why ah danns so long didn’t talk–kok in his blog aledi.. .. danns so busy de !

After 9 weeks of life in hell, everything has come to its end. Today, we finally released ourself from hell... Unfortunately, A REAL NIGHTMARE is about to begin.
Why REAL NIGHTMARE is coming ah ?
Gee Gee, is because Next semester is my last semester in college liau, we got to Complete our Double Module project before the semester Ends.. OMG....below are some example style’s used by classmates when they talk about their feeling doing DM project.

(kytehx: Gee Gee, die liau)
(macy: I hope I can do well in my coding lor, hope i can finish my project Lor)
(danns: Che kor pek, cham liau lah... WALAO.. how?)
(ah Bun: Niaaa...)

Suddenly feel like going back to the past again where I started my college life in INTI. Lots of memories...
But Eventually, People will grow old and have to face the CRUEL working world. (DOG eat DOG society).. so, brother.. dun talk-kok here and do ur DM project soon lor!

Btw, danns going langkawi Lor. No online for 3 days!! Anything SMS bah,, Buai Buai Lor!

3 lengchai


bunch of Gay lou

2 Leng chai

Stop dreaming..

2 che kor pek stalkers

So... serious man

2 Gay lou

3 Gay lou ( Gay Lord in the Mid)

my taiko

Bunch of stalkers.. che kor pek Gang


Samantha said...

For all Che Kor pek,

Gambateh and wish all the best!!Good Luck!!

Li Yumika said...

Be Honest, i cant stop to laughing when i saw the 3 Gay lou :P