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Kepong Smelly Cao Tofu

Went to Kepong Pasar Malam with frens, when reach there suddenly saw a stall with lots of people queing... (***thinking the stall must be selling cheap or tasty food). After we park the car and go near the stall, walao... suddenly smell a very strong *shXX smell* coming from the stall. Then only we know the stall is selling Kepong Famous Cao Tofu, so we brought 4 pieces to try out the taste. hmm.... taste is a bit weird compare with normal Tofu, taste sour a bit and GGed...(really dunno how to explain...). But outer part of the Tofu is crunchy and inside is juicy and soft, eat with chili is "OK lor".

But for me, the price is a bit expensive lor...try 1 time enuf lor...LOL (1 piece for RM0.60)
lots of ppl queing

4 pieces... GGed ( I ate 2 pieces)

Walao... need to be so gentle or not?

yalah... must eat like this only tasty mah!

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Tips Supremo said...

Great Courage. However, I don't enjoy the smell and can't figure out why people find them delicious.