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LangKawi - 3 days 2 nites (1st Day)

Fuyooh… danns is back from LangKawi trip. Unforgettable trip!

Months ago, we successfully book FREE Air Asia ticket for 5 people to Langkawi. Is really worth it when we only need to pay for the airport tax, cost ONLY RM80 per person.
After book ticket, need to plan which hotel room wants to stay lor. We then went to the Matta fair find the most affordable hotel room and finally we decided to book Laggura Baron Resort for 3 days 2 nights. Each night cost ONLY RM135.

Before going to the trip, thanks for the tips and guidelines from:

Booked Proton Wira (Malaysia Boleh!) for RM50 per day.

Raining season but luckily we went to all destination where we planned.

1st day

Langkawi Map ( MUST HAVE )

Go there 2 Bags.. Come back 4 bags.. Full of tibits and Wine

walao...wake up lor...still sleeping ar?

Star shuttle to LCCT, behind Subang Parade

RM10 .. walao.. so expensive!

Reach LangKawi Lor... Hurray!

Malaysia Boleh! Bebas Cukai!

Our rented car number plate, Buy TOTO.. 4 D.. Magnum.. remember ya!

So called SEASIDE view...Niaaah.. con ppl ah!

Method we used to recognize our Hotel... SWT

Place where we had our lunch, "Ye Lin" 。。"椰林中华料理"

Internal Design of the restaurant

Thai's Monk Statue.. super farney de

Super delicious .. Yummy!

Lengchai and lenglui

Eagle Square (I dun understand why go Langkawi must come this place de.. see the Big Eagle Only de..)

Eagle Square 1

Eagle Square 3

Leng cai posing....

Yes,this is why i come time(FREE tax beer and chocolate)
Btw, this Shop selling cheapest stuff.. no jokes! I went to all shops and compare prices..walk until my leg also pain...

Place where we had dinner "Wonderland Food Store".. "欢乐天饮食中心"

Attractive Seafood.. yes yes yes

Super Hungry aledi...faster eat 1st lor

My companion at nite....hehe....

Ahh....tasty ar.. more more more ..

Location Visited:
Kuah Town
Eagle Bay
Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall
Duty Free Shops in Kuah Town

First day Spend In Langkawi:
Ticket to LCCT - RM10 per person
Lunch - Total RM66
Dinner - Total RM62
beer - Total RM8.40

To be Continue next time.... Langkawi Day 2

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