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Things We Wish We Never Said

Here's a list of our top gabra utterances...

1. “No lah, boy-boy, that’s not a shark. That’s a dolphin.”

2. “Of course your mother can stay with us till things get settled.”

3. “That’s great, Mr. Lucas, I’m sure people will really like that floppy-eared character with the fake Jamaican accent.”

4. “Go ahead and marry her, Dad. I’m sure Anna Nicole really loves you.”

5. “Go and watch ‘Garfield 3’? On, lah!”

6. “I’ve got it, Mr. Saddam! Let’s trick those stupid Americans into thinking we’ve got weapons of mass destruction!”

7. “Watch this! I saw that Crocodile Hunter guy do it on his show last time!”

8. “Aiyah, wen die lah! How hot can this chili be?”

9. “We must get Singaporeans to realize that having two children is enough.”

10. “I’m sorry, Ms Rowling, I don’t think kids will like your school for wizards book.”

11. “Shoot a documentary about Dr. Chee? What a cool idea!”

12. “He’s a scholar. He must be intelligent.”

13. “Get out of my elite, uncaring face.”

14. “Mee siam mai hum.”

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