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Smoking Bus Driver In Malaysia

I AM from Johor but frequently travel from one place to another state. I often use the express buses that ply between - *Kuala Lumpur to Kota Tinggi - *Muar to Kuala Lumpur - *Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur

The express bus normally I took was always fully occupied with passengers, both young and old. Every time I thought I will enjoy the journey since the bus is in good condition and the air-conditioning working smoothly, then the driver "Spoils" my mood.

He was smoking while driving. Even if he had his window down, the smoke still spread and filled the bus. I really very"Du Lan" with this kind of STUPXX bus driver. I really dunno how this driver evade the law but still be allowed to drive?

What amazes me is such journeys have been marred with one or more of the following incidences: drivers speaking on the mobile phone while driving, passengers smoking in the bus (especially overnight rides), drivers taking on extra passengers at rest stops, speeding, haphazard overtaking and faulty air-conditioning.

What happen to various campaigns(Tak Nak") to get people to stop smoking?

Malaysia Boleh!


Gray said...

Dear danns, you are so naive. I am not sure how the "Kampen Tak-Nak" works but I know if the country would like to stop the people from smoking, the country can actually stop importing or producing cigerettes (sorry if I spell wrongly coz I didnt smoke). But by doing so it will actually cut off a lot of sponsorship and profits for the country. Too bad :(

Anonymous said...

gray, wat the fuck r u talking about? u dunno how to spell the word "cigarrette" bcos u dun smoke?
walao wei, this is the lamest thing i hv ever heard.

do u have to f u c k a pig to know how to spell "fuck"?