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Identify Woman's Motto (Inspirations From My Gal)


When she SAYS: ~~ What she MEANS:

You want? ~~ You want.

I need ~~ I want it (Oh gosh…. T_T'').

It is nice? ~~ It is nice.

What you want to eat/drink? ~~ I’ll make the decision.

Are you sleepy? ~~ Off the light!

What time is it now? ~~Off the light!

It your decision ~~ It is obvious that you better follow my “correct” decision.

Do what you want ~~ You better don’t beg for me later/ You’ll pay for it.

We need to talk ~~ I need to complain.

Sure… go ahead ~~ I don’t wan you to.

I’ am not upset ~~ You idiot, you will know later.

I want new dress ~~ Also new accessories, blouse …etc

I’ am not yelling! ~~ Yes, I am. Pxxx off.

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