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Step by step creating Enzyme drink

There are some readers send e-mail to me and ask me about the process of making Enzyme. Today, I will write step by step making a dragon fruit Enzyme. Sorry for taking such long time to create this guidelines.

Below is the Recipe for a Big Horlick Size bottle.

  1. 2 Dragon fruit, some aloe vera, 2 packet of brown candy and 3 lemon.
  1. Clean the fruits and all the utensils well.
  2. Utensils like knife, cutting board, plates and etc.
  3. Make sure the fruits are dry before you cut into small pieces.
  4. First, use the 1/3 portion of the bottle to put Dragon fruits, then put half packet of brown candy. The brown candy is used to extract the juice out of the fruits.
  5. After that, continue to fill the bottle with the rest of the fruits (dragon fruit + aloe vera+ lemon).
  6. Put the rest of the brown candy on the top layer.
  7. The top layer brown candy will prevent it from becoming mouldy.
  8. Lastly, the enzyme is done. Put bottle in a cool place for 3 weeks. Congrats!
  9. Sieve it and bottle juice. Keep it refrigerated.
  10. Mix it with enough water to make a refreshing drink.
  11. Drink enzymes frequently to detoxify body system.

Sample Picture of Dragon fruit Enzyme

Yeah, after 3 weeks...Enzyme drink done :p


Samantha said...

wow,so nice the picture you catch,and so detailed.Good job!I will drinks my first try of lemon Enzyme next weeks.Thanks for all sharing.

Cassandra said...


very clear and useful guide indeed.

any other substitute for the brown sugar? healthier choice?