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My birthday + Shogun buffet attack~

That day is my birthday and also some sort of gathering for comp science + business IT student. I have no idea why they choose that day & that SUPER expensive Japanese buffet for their gathering. Surprisingly, the number of people attending the gathering is equivalent to the total students in my course…. LOL

Our Super + duper expensive meal started from 6.40pm and all of us began to Storm inside the restaurant. After the waiter has shown our seats, we hastily initiated our “Search Engine” to locate the most Bargaining food in Shogun. Almost each of us took at least 6 pieces of Unagi in their 1st plate (I had 8 pieces, LOL). Why Unagi? Because is Pricey & Tasty.

Not to mention that one of our fellow friend come out a theory to cover the expenses of the buffet, The Formula (Shogun = Expensive = RM60 = Per person= Unagi fish (8 pieces) + Prawn (6 pieces) )

My Result = Unagi Fish (18 pieces) + Cod fish (8 pieces) + prawn (4 pieces, not so fresh ler) + sotong(uncountable) + Lamb meat(6 pieces) + other meat (uncountable) + ice cream +etc*8)

After 1 hour, most of our stomach is already 70% occupied. We began to talk crap + talk-kok. All sort of “Rojak” question also come out. Somebody in our group started to ask farney question like ~how to get rid of armpit hair? Do you help your gf pluck armpit hair? LOL LOL…. *fainted

Important: One of us happened to discover a small cockroach hiding in a bowl. YuckSS……Too bad we did not able catch a picture before it was taken by the waiter.

Conclusion/After the Meal:

  1. A hectic meal. Stomach bloated until the next day.
  2. Everybody hates “Unagi fish”.
  3. No more Sushi for next 2 months.
  4. Lastly, strictly NO MORE buffet more thanRM30. No MORE ShuXXX plz.

Do they look like Brothers?

Happy Gurl + lenglui

3 Lengzai

Happy family

2 lengzai

5 lengzai

comp science gang

2 lengzai Stalker...yer.. :)

Happy lovely couple

Oh gosh, G.G.... Total bill = RM800++

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bear-bear said...

uncle daniel, i want to go eat sushi with you next time can? :o)