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Eye on Malaysia~ Not bad lor ....

Wanted to Wangsa Maju "Yum Cha" de, but as we passed by Titiwangsa.... suddenly saw beautiful "Big Wheel" beside us. All of us in the car never been there also, so i suggest to my bladder "Jacky ahh~ ~Walao EH, Go LaH"... ... but tat time almost 12am aledi... ... LOL
As we reach there, found out the Big Wheel still moving... all of us become very Excited!.. Yeah..!
After the ride, the feel is "ok ok" lor ... at least we get to ride the wheel before the government remove it soon. Rate the ride for 6/10.. .. why? go try urself lor...haha.. .
Btw, the fare is RM15 for adult ... .. Niaa.. ..

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Samantha said...

Hi,I'm samantha,this is not the first time I'm log in your blog,but never leave you any comment before..hahaha
“EYE ON MALAYSIA”当背景蛮美的,为什么不放多几张照片呢?