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Download Transformers Transformation Ring Tone (.mp3)

Transformers, that is just about what i’ve been hearing the whole day from my friends and family and that’s ok because i’m a huge fan too, if you were around in the 80’s than you probably are a fan too, i mean who can forget Optimus Prime?!.

The official release date for the movie here in Malaysia is tommorrow and i’ll try my best to get a ticket although it’s highly impossible as i heard they were sold out till next week!!.

Anywayz, i’ve been using the Transformers “transformation” sound clip as my SMS tone for the past week and i’ve really got my friends excited and there was a little bit of bluetooth transfer involved as well, so i decided to share with you guys (gals) as well, just download the zip file below and transfer it to your phone or wherever you want it.

(there’s a bonus clip in the file, download to find out what it is ;) )

I had to upload the zip file on another sever as it was eating up my bandwitdh so here’s the new link - DOWNLOAD

**UPDATE: I watched the movie..twice!…and it’s awesome.

If your looking for other rare sound effects and music from Transformers than visit - TFcog

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